L'Illustre Stage

Femmes, femmes, femmes

Written and directed by French Professor Véronique Mazet with current and former students
from French 1, 2, 3, and 4 at Austin Community College.


Each scene is preceded by a musical slide show that announces the theme of the scene.

"Jeanne D'Arc: Rebelle et sainte" (1412-1431)
With the music of Mozart: Le Requiem

Edith Piaf. The show must go on.
With the songs: "Mon Dieu", "Padam", "La vie en rose", "Hymne l'amour", "Je ne regrette rien" sung by Akasha and Meredith.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses
With the music of Bach: Concerto pour 4 clavecins en la mineur.

Notre-Dame de Paris
With the songs from the musical: "Belle", "Fatalité", "Danse mon Esméralda".
And "Le temps des cathédrales" and "Bohémienne", sung by Akasha and Kacy.

Coco Chanel: séance d'essayage

Avec par ordre alphabétique:

Akasha Banks
Charlette Beillon
Lori Belk
Kacy Crowley
Shelley Doggett
Ghida El Hajj Sleiman
Ilana Federman
Joe Foy
Meredith Fraser
Christian R. Garner
Paul Mason
Marc Prévost
Wayo Ramirez
Blake Thomas


Les Commentaires

"I did both ACC French shows, and they're great. You should do it!!! Do it now! Madame Mazet is an excellent director, and the audience loves the shows. If you've got the time, it's a wonderful application for French students (of ANY level) and a cool opportunity for drama students. So stop reading, and call Mme Mazet. Seriously, stop reading. Please stop reading."
-Akasha/Edith Piaf in "Femmes, femmes, femmes"

"Being a part of the spring production was so much fun and it gave me the opportunity to be immersed in the French language more than I would have been by simply going to class. I enjoyed being a part of the theatre again, and in a totally different way than I ever had before. I especially liked the input and contribution that I was able to give to the show. I look forward to being a part of this semester's production as well."
-Shelley Doggétt/dancer

"It was very rewarding and extremely fun! Since I was taking French at the time, it helped me with my comprehension and pronunciation skills."
-Christian/Frollo/The Inquisitor

"It was an extraordinary experience for me. I was able to overcome my stage fright and tap into my creativity. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Be prepared to make a lot of new friends and to have fun. It was special, even if you were not in French class."
-Paul/Phoebus/the king

"Since everything I'd learned getting a French degree from UT in 1985 was getting very rusty, I was delighted to have these two opportunities to brush up on it all---and for me it was especially fun working to get my mouth around that pronunciation again! (and working with the lovely casts and crews!)"
-Lori Belk/Madame de Merteuil

"It's been so fun and I am sad it's over. Let's do more."

"Being a new international student i was nervous and shy at first. Once i started meeting the rest of the crew i lost all that fear. They all were supportive, friendly and fun. I learned a lot about the french culture and practised speaking french having no pressure unlike being in the course. The show was great and very fun! I will try my best to take part in all of the coming French shows!"
-Ghida/Jeanne d'Arc

"Since I am not an actor and hate being on stage most people would think that there was no place for me in such a place, but they are wrong if they think this way. I worked on the crew and still had as much fun if not more so than the cast. The entire experience was very rewarding to me. It was made even more so in the fact that I have made some very good friends because of the closeness we all had for each other before and during the performances."
-Douglas (Douglas made some of our costumes, dressed the cast, sewed, ironed, carried props, and much more)

"The experience of being part of such a wonderful production helped gear my views and perspectives toward education. Being able to actually take part in and utilize what we all have grown to know individually, enabled both the cast and crew to learn and bond together. This is truly and irreplaceable setting that everyone should explore."
-Valentine (Valentine, at the computer, ran the slide shows.)


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